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in South Africa

Vibrantly coloured by a captivating diversity of culture, the rich and expansive landscape of this awe-inspiring continent is difficult to capture in words alone. From the wild wonder of unique Safari adventures to the azure allure of tranquil beach escapes; awe-inspiring mountain ranges to parched stretches of dusty desert, Africa offers a kaleidoscope of exciting opportunity.  With so many stories held within its heart, Africa welcomes you to create your own.

Where to go & when to go?

Being so vast, South Africa does not have as defined seasons as many countries and they can vary greatly between provinces, so refer to the individual province for more specifics on the weather.

For this very reason, South Africa has something to offer all year round. Whilst it might be raining and blowing a gale in Cape Town, it might be in the 70s and clear blue skies in KwaZulu Natal. In Dec they might be experiencing afternoon downpours in Kruger and be basking in brilliant sunshine in Cape Town.

South Africa boasts of being a “World in one country” and this really could not be truer. With such a diversity of habitat and scenery there really is something for everyone. Visitors can be hiking in snow capped mountains in the morning and just a couple of hours away, paddling in the warm, Indian Ocean; be in a desert one day, and move a couple of hundred miles to watch whales and dolphins the next.