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Luxury Tailormade Holidays in Europe

Europe is a vast continent with more than 50 countries and a multitude of cultures, languages, cuisines and people. Whether your itinerary takes you to the Scandinavian north or warm beaches of the Mediterranean south, you’ll be spoiled for things to do and places to see.

Visit the Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece and wander through ancient Roman ruins while soaking up the sun, before visiting the Vatican City, the smallest nation in Europe. Greece has 6,000 islands, with so many to choose from for a perfect beach break. Wine lovers will enjoy France, famous for its vineyards and foodie culture in local markets, while Spain and Portugal offer year-round sunshine, Iberian culture and fascinating art and history. Tour the Scandinavian fjords that connect to the Norwegian Sea, witness breathtaking scenery in Iceland, or get lost in history at the various museums, galleries and places of worship in Germany, Austria or Hungary. Choose one or two destinations in Europe for a short trip, or plan a long itinerary and tick many off your list – the choice is yours.

Essential Information

  • With the UK leaving the European Union, in future you’ll need to check travel requirements for your trip, including whether you need a Visa depending on the country you are travelling to. At present, the UK is in a transition period until the end of December 2020, so you can continue to travel as you do now.
  • Travelling by train across Europe can be cheaper (and more scenic) than travelling by air. Plus, you get to see more of the continent!
  • Bring a good pair of walking shoes – many European cities are taking steps to become greener, with limitations on cars and traffic.
  • Have some Euros or currency to hand to tip a taxi driver or to buy public transport tickets. Not everywhere in Europe uses contactless payments and cards for everything.
  • You’ll need to use a European adapter type C to use electrical items. This is the type of adapter with two round pins.
  • Pack an umbrella and a waterproof coat, as the weather in northern and western parts of Europe can be unpredictable.
  • If you’re travelling to the Mediterranean, especially during peak season, take plenty of sun cream (factor 50+), and stay out of the sun between 12pm-3pm.
  • Use up any coins you have in the foreign currency you are using – remember that when you exchange your foreign currency back, they do not accept coins.
  • Be aware of pickpockets in touristy places in Europe. Some work in groups and try to distract you. Always ensure that you leave the majority of your belongings and money in your hotel safe. When out and about, take only the amounts of cash with you that you need for that day.

Best Time to Travel

Visiting Europe in the spring can be very cost effective, as the weather is warming up but hasn’t yet hit peak season. Summer is a great time to visit any country in Europe – but be aware that it can be very busy and crowded, especially in Mediterranean countries and on coastal and beach resorts that are popular with tourists. If you’d rather not deal with the crowds, wait until autumn, when the school holidays are over and the crowds have eased. The weather should still be warm, but you may need a jacket for cooler evenings. If you’re after a real bargain and don’t mind wrapping up warm, winter is an ideal time to visit Europe, with fewer visitors and many attractions and sights still open. You can also enjoy one of the many Christmas markets on offer.

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Our Europe Specialist

Having travelled extensively within Europe, I am always keen to share my experience with my clients in order to work out what their perfect destination and itinerary is. Italy is somewhere I particularly love, for so many reasons - the stunning scenery; diverse culture; and of course, the many regional dishes and wines there are to enjoy!

I’ve enjoyed the crystal clear waters, picturesque walks and delicious cuisine of both Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia, along with a number of stunning city breaks in Paris, Prague, Budapest and beyond…

There really is a wealth of beauty and adventure to discover within Europe, and I love helping my clients realise what their dream escape looks like.


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