Knight Inlet Lodge

Knight Inlet Lodge

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Experience beautiful scenery and wildlife in the wonderful area of Knight Inlet Lodge. Knight Inlet is situated in the centre of the Great Bear Rainforest. The Lodge there offers guests the opportunity to see amazing natural scenes among beautiful shores and mountains. It’s not just bears either; guests can also see Killer Whales, Sea Lions, and Dolphins in shores nearby.

This lodge floats within Glendale Cove, and is the habitat to some of the largest groups of Grizzly bears in British Columbia. There can be as much as fifty bears surrounding the lodge at once in the Fall. These bears gather there at the time for the salmon run that takes place at that time.

This amazing experience is in a remote area accessible by float plane, North of Campbell River. The lodge sits among a backdrop of mountains and winding rivers.

Bear sightings

How the bears are viewed varies throughout the year. In Spring, you can catch a boat 50m off shore to get a great view of the bears enjoying their food. This allows you to watch without disrupting their natural routine. In Summer, there is a mix of viewing from the water and also seeing the bears from tree tops that have specially made platforms for viewing. In Autumn, you can see these magnificent creatures from platforms at the spawning channel and in the tree tops.


What else is there?

Wondering what else there is at the Lodge to make your trip even more memorable? Well, there are several tours available from the Lodge, mainly consisting of marine life viewings.

You can take a tour of the local marine wildlife throughout the year, but what you see depends on the season. In Spring, you have the chance to see an array of animals including; seals, sea lions, porpoises, dolphins and even Minke whales! In Summer, you could see the Orca Whale well known for its great size and intelligence. By Autumn, you can see humpback whales as they migrate to the area from Alaska. These sights can be rare but Knight Inlet provides a great setting to attempt viewing these amazing creatures. You can also take tours to the nearby Kliniklini River if you want to venture more into the scenery and watch the local birds and land wildlife.

Canada Specialist Ann has had the pleasure of visiting Knight Inlet and says

“it is the most amazing Grizzly Bear experience in a natural environment.”


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