Go On Safari On An Elephant

Share in the ultimate African experience and go on safari on an elephant.

Nothing quite prepares you for your first encounter with an African Elephant. The sheer size and presence of these magnificent beasts is awe-inspiring.

View tree tops, birds' nests, and giraffes almost face to face. Ride high above the bush and actually feel a part of the environment, instead of being simply an observer.

On Elephant back, you are immersed in the experience.

We offer Elephant back safaris in South Africa in the Kruger National Park region and the Addo Elephant National Park region. In Botswana you will head for the heart of the Okavango Delta at the amazing Abu Camp.

But it's not all about riding the Elephants, in fact this is only a very small part of the experience, and many people choose not to ride at all. During your stay you are invited to immerse yourself in the herd and explore the environment with them, getting to know them. From the young and their amazing mothers, to the leaders of the herd.

You will be able to interact with Elephants through a variety of activities, including walking with Elephants; participating in or observing activities such as mud bathing, training and veterinary care; an Elephant-back safari; learn about the different aspects of Elephant conservation; gain insight into Elephant behaviour.

Due to their intelligence and close relationship with humans, we expect you will feel a connection to the herd by the time you leave which might just surprise you, and an African experience that is hard to rival.

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