Choosing Your Cruise Holiday

Cruise holidays now cater to a wide variety of travellers with an eclectic variety of interests. In the mid to luxury market preferred by Delmar World clients, there is an enormous range of opportunities. With every travel consultant at Delmar World having specialist cruising knowledge and experience, anyone would be happy to help you identify the ideal cruise for you.

Some of our clients are looking forward to their upcoming expedition cruise through Norway not only to experience stunning scenery but also to see the extraordinary Aurora Borealis display which is scientifically forecasted to light up the sky as rarely seen before.

For other holidays, clients enjoy the luxury and convenience of being on a superbly outfitted luxury cruise liner with all kinds of activities, programmes and culinary extravaganzas while at the same time stopping at different ports of call to experience local culture and customs (without changing accommodation).

Luxury cruises take place almost anywhere in the world. The Mediterranean and Caribbean continue to entice but travellers also look further afield to Southeast Asia for example.

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